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Dr. Kusum

Hey, thanks for stopping by. I am Dr. Kusum. My passion is photography, writing poetry including inspired by the photos i take, painting, pencil drawing, and arts and craft. I inherited many of these traits from my artistic family. My family supports me in my journey and I am thankful for them.

About Company

Kusum Kreations

I have been doing photography for a long time even before the SLRs and DSLRs came into existence. I used to use Phentex cameras and switched to Canon and am thinking of getting a mirror less camera. I have an eye for photography, people say and I will go any length to get a good photo. I mostly take landscape and kids photos but not limited to that. I used to print and frame the photos and now do mostly canvas prints. My photos are displayed in our clinics and patients appreciate them. I print some of my art works on pillows also. I want people to enjoy the photos and I plan to donate the proceeds to charity.


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